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Dance for all (Improvisation-Multisensorial)


The class starts with warming up tasks that build into a physically challenging dance experience. Through a series of oral instructions/movement tasks based on the activation of language through imagination, this class activates the body and the senses in space, and works with basic (choreographic) elements such as directions, levels, dimensions, dynamics, tensions and rhythms in time & space. One of the main questions that we will work with, is 'How can movement be precise?', or as Einav Katan writes in her book 'Embodied Philosophy in Dance': 'Articulation of movement is not an illustration or a demonstration. It is preciseness with physical qualities'. (palgrave mcmillan 2016, pp.2/12). For one and a half hour, participants dance in diverse music combinations and orally proposed tasks and scores, and this creates a multisensory dance experience which challenges the body/mind. The Class is conducted in English with German & Greek translation if needed. When: Fridays @ 20.30-22.00 Where: @Tanzhaus Zürich, STUDIO 1, Wasserwerkstrasse 127a, 8037 Zürich, 20.30-22.00 on the following dates: 08.09, 15.09, 22.09, 29.09, 27.10, 3.11, 10.11 , 17.11 24.11, 1.12, 8.12 , 15.12 & 22.12 First Class: Free trial Payment Until the group builds up into a consistent group participants pay 25CHF/class when the group is formed the payment is made in instalments of 300/ per 3 months.

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CHF 25.00


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