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Eleni Mylona creates works that explore the possibilities of language and body within space and time, while reflecting on the relationship between language and imagination. In recent years she has been searching for ways to read, write, share, move and imagine together, with the intention to create intimate spaces of coexistence. 
Her performances, which are presentations of artistic research and/or works for the (public) space, have been hosted in festivals, biennials and art exhibitions, and have been presented in theatres, galleries, and research spaces in Athens, Thessaloniki, Zurich, Basel, Berlin, London, and other. In recent years she has shown her work and collaborated with the following institutes, festivals and performing arts groups: Tanzhaus Zürich, RoteFabrik Theater, Maxim Theater, Holzke, MerumAtelier, Tropchertoshare, Terrasse Ensemble, Dance Days Chania, Eleusina European Capital of Culture 2023, Ticino Dance Festival, and others.
At the same time, since 2007 until today, she organises as an independent creator and co-organises with organisations, a series of long-term processes for groups, within which dance/movement, reading/writing and dialogue/reflection are the basic tools of composition and research. She teaches contemporary dance (Limon technique) and improvisation to both professional and amateur dancers/actors, as well as to children and adolescents, and has presented a series of seminars and workshops on her artistic research, improvisation, contemporary dance and performance. She holds an MA in Theatre Practices, a degree on artistic research, from 'ArtEZ University of the Arts' in the Netherlands. She has studied dance at the school of Leonidas de Pian and at the State School of Dance ( K.S.O.T.) and holds a degree in dance teaching from the 'Higher Professional School' of Morianova Trasta. She has collaborated as a performer and/or has participated by invitation in research projects with Michael Kliën, Vera Mantero, Juan Dominguez, Danae Theodoridou and others. 
Eleni Mylona grew up in Athens and has been living in Zurich for the last 14 years. She works in Switzerland and in Greece as well as in other European countries whenever she is invited by festivals and residencies to create work.
She seeks ways of sustainability as an artist, peripheral to the major institutions. She is a Greek and a Swiss citizen. 

Contact story.choreo
WWW.MYLONAELENI(AT)HOTMAIL.COM              +41 767 872 400

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