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Photo : Maria Cheilopoulou


Photo : Maria Cheilopoulou

Eleni Mylona creates works that explore the possibilities of language and body within space and time, while reflecting on the relationship between language and imagination. In recent years she has been searching for ways to read, write, share, move and imagine together, with the intention to create intimate spaces of coexistence. Her performances, which are presentations of artistic research and/or works for the (public) space, have been presented in festivals, theatres, and research spaces in Athens, Thessaloniki, Zurich, Basel, Berlin, London, and others. In recent years she has shown her work and collaborated with the following institutes, festivals and performing arts groups: Tanzhaus Zürich, RoteFabrik Theater, Maxim Theater, Holzke, MerumAtelier, Tropchertoshare, Terrasse Ensemble, Dance Days Chania, Eleusina European Capital of Culture 2023, Ticino Dance Festival, and others. At the same time, since 2007, she organises as an independent creator and co-organises with organisations, a series of long-term processes for groups, within which dance/movement, reading/writing and dialogue/reflection are the basic tools of composition and research. Since 2023, Mylona is the choreographer and facilitator of the community dance group KATINES zurich, a group of Greek speaking women with a feminist background. 

She holds an MA in Theatre Practices, a degree on artistic research, from 'ArtEZ University of the Arts' in the Netherlands. She has studied dance at the school of Leonidas de Pian and at the State School of Dance ( K.S.O.T.) and holds a degree in dance teaching from the 'Higher Professional School' of Morianova Trasta. She has collaborated as a performer and/or has participated by invitation in research projects with Michael Kliën, Vera Mantero, Juan Dominguez, Danae Theodoridou, Anna Sanchez and others. Mylona grew up in Athens and has been living in Zurich for the last 14 years. She seeks ways of sustainability as an artist, peripheral to the major institutions. 

Pablo Cesar Allende is an Argentine musician born in Cordoba in 1973.
His career has developed in several countries; he started his studies in Argentina, then moved to California to continue his training as a professional guitarist. Throughout the years, Allende has exhibited musical versatility, excelling in jazz, tango and Argentine folk music. His two solo albums, "Pablo Allende" and "Tripa", attest to his musical prowess.Since 2008, he has resided in Europe, initially in Spain and subsequently in Switzerland. It is in Switzerland where he has concentrated his attention towards his compositional work. Presently, he is studying composition at the University of Zurich (ZHdk).He is an active participant in a variety of concert activities and is also a teacher of guitar.

Daphne Kokkini (*1978, Athens) is an architect and visual artist based in Zurich. She initiated WERKRAUM as a platform for creativecollaborations in 2015. Her projects range from landscape and urban design to site-specific installations, scenography, film and performance. She perceives them as narratives, deriving from cross-cultural and often spontaneous observations on places, people and the interaction between them. Daphne is interested in creating projects with an anthropocentric character, as well as bringing nature in focus.She borrows elements as much from daily routines, as from archival sources or literature and employs various techniques.

Christina Tsouma was born and raised in Athens. During her childhood, she spent many years learning and expressing herself through dance and its broader disciplines (National School of dance). This early exploration of movement was later translated into an interest in space and flows, which led her to study architecture (Patras University).
In the last 11 years she is based in Zurich, working as an architect, while trying to rediscover her identity through the senses of language, contact, sounds and movement. While she has engaged in various movement classes, her involvement with the Katines group provided the ideal space for this research.

Domenika Chandra is currently involved in various participatory and collaborative projects. She works as an outreach researcher at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (since 2018). The focus of her work is on opening up the institution to a diverse audience. As part of "Kollektiv Kollektiv", she curated the exhibition cycle "Communitas" at Kunsthaus Steffisburg in 2021 and launched the event series "Kollaboration? Kollaboration!" since 2022. In all projects, long-term collaboration and the creation of personal contact with the people involved are particularly important to her. For the past two years, she has been part of the dance group "Katines" and is once again experimenting with the concept of community, this time on a physical level. Before that, she set up and led the supervisory team at documenta 14 in Athens. She studied Communication, Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Athens and graduated with a Master's degree in Curatorial Studies from the Zurich University of the Arts.

Nassia Vlachou was born and raised in Athens and for the last 12 years she has been living in Zurich. Music has always been an integral part of her life (degree in piano performance – National Conservatorium, Athens, 10 + years of singing – lessons and seminars in Zurich). She is currently performing as a pianist or leading singer on a semi-professional level. At the same time, her fascination in science and her curiousness of understanding nature’s mechanisms lead her to study physics (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens) and obtain a PhD in Atmospheric Science (ETH Zurich). Her major interest in dancing drove her to join the group Katines which offers her the freedom and space to explore alternative ways of expressing herself by profoundly connecting with the group members and share their common introspections.

Vassia Roussi was born in Athens and the last seven years she has been living and working in Zurich as an engineer specilized in sustainability. Her involvement with dance began 19 years ago. She has been taking classes in contemporary dance, ballet, dance and theatrical improvisation at a professional level in Athens and in Zurich. She has followed numerous seminars in contemporary dance (release), theatre, theatrical movement (kinesiology) and dance improvisation.
In 2021/2022 she taught for one year a beginners' course in contemporary dance and kinesiology at the Greek amateur theatre school EPI SKINIS (Zurich). She has been part of KATINES group for the last two years and through this participation she continues to explore her interest in the creation of kinetic material through dance scores, and her passion for instant composition.

Fani Maria Kanoni was raised in Athens, Greece and moved on to live in Abu Dhabi for her studies in Psychology and Political Science. She has been living in Zurich since 2 years and working for a sportswear brand with movement to its core. Dance has been always there as a core part of her life and expression. Starting with Ballet at a young age and then exploring traditional Greek dancing, Latin and only in adulthood started to experiment with contemporary dance and improvisation. Having as a personal and professional mission to ignite the human spirit through community & movement, she is involved in various forms of movement from running to yoga and dance.

Angeliki Papadia is a chemist, born and raised in Greece. However recently life brought her to Zurich. Along with her involvement in cosmetic and pharmaceutical chemistry, her need for physical expression, relaxation and body movement exploration developed. In 2015 and for 5years she was an active member of the dance group Kinitiras where she participated in various performances from the Kalamata Festival to various other locations around Greece. Leaving behind improvisation dance , coming to Zurich she came in contact with the term "spekulativen Praktiken", the choreographer and artist Eleni Mylona and the creation of the group Katines.
Being part of the group is a refreshing trip to body movement investigation.

Ioulitta Stavridi after completing her master's degree in architecture at the TechnicalUniversity of Athens and a second Master's degree in in landscape architecture at ETH Zurich, she has been working as a landscape architect in Zurich since 2012. In 2016, she founded the collective Laboratorium together with her partner.A platform for architects, engineers and artists to work together,with the aim to explore architectural issues together. In this framework, she designs landscape-architectural projects and accompanies them through to completion. In addition she develops her own interdisciplinary art projects. Since 2018, she has been an external member of the mediation team at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, in particular in the Pavillon Le Corbusier.


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