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KATINES - Community Dance Group


We are a small community of Greek speaking women who live and work in Zurich for several years. I, Eleni Mylona, am a choreographer, researcher and performer, within the group there are among others architects, artists, mothers, researchers and amateur movers. What we share via this practice is not primarily a dance class or a rehearsal but rather a place of gathering, of intimacy, relatedness and creation within the occasion of dance. We share a cultural relevance in relation to how we create, how we talk, how we move and all the embodiment that comes with culture.
This is why we named our group KATINES, which is a female Greek name that used to have a sexist connotation, but it was this the reason to become the name of the first feministic Greek magazine, in order to change this connotation.


Domenica Chandra, Irini Karavouzis, Daphne Kokkini, Eleni Mylona, Angeliki Papadia, Vassia Roussi, Ioulitta Stavridi, Christina Tsouma, Eleftheria Tzika, Nassia Vlachou a.k.a 'KATINES' (*)

Spekulative Praktiken

The performers/movers respond to movement tasks that they have developed together after a series of rehearsals.
The tasks are suggested verbally by the
choreographer, and the performers/movers create movement material on stage through "instant synthesis". The piece begins with a
traditional Greek love song from 1828 from Asia Minor, and is accompanied by live music (guitar).


Choreographer: Eleni Mylona
Live music (guitar): Pablo Allende
Live voice: Nassia Vlachou
Dancers: Domenica Chandra, Fani Kanoni, Irini Karavouzis, Daphne Kokkini, Angeliki
Papadia, Vassia Roussi, Ioulitta Stavridi, Christina Tsouma, Nassia Vlachou
Photographer: Daphne Kokkini

Contact story.choreo
WWW.MYLONAELENI(AT)HOTMAIL.COM              +41 767 872 400

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