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KATINES- Spekulative Praktiken 
Photo: Maria Cheilopoulou


Performance Making - Workshops- Community Dance

About story.choreo 

Story.choreo’s goal is to organize cultural events both independently and in cooperation with municipalities, cantons, the federal government and other institutions that support the promotion of cultural projects.

Verein Story.choreo was created in 2023, in order to legally support and host  the  works of the choreographer
Eleni Mylona and to organise cultural events and projects created by the community Dance group KATINES Zurich.

Verein story.choreo believes in transdisciplinary work, and collaborations from different fields, and therefore one of its founding members is the Jungian psychoanalyst Evangelos Tsempelis.

The work of Verein Story.choreo unfolds in three fields: research, artistic (performance making and performing) and educational. 

The artistic work of Verein Story.choreo explores the possibilities of language and  body within space and time, while reflecting on the relationship between language and imagination. Since 2015,  Eleni Mylona's performances, which are presentations of artistic research and/or works for the (public) space, have been hosted in festivals, biennials and art exhibitions, and have been presented in theatres, galleries, and research spaces in Athens, Thessaloniki, Zurich, Basel, Berlin, London, etc.


In recent years she has shown her work and has collaborated with the following institutes, festivals and performing arts groups: Tanzhaus Zürich, RoteFabrik Theater, Maxim Theater, Holzke, MerumAtelier, Tropchertoshare, Terrasse Ensemble, Dance Days Chania, Eleusina European Capital of Culture 2023, Ticino Dance Festival, and others.

Photo: Alina Lefa

Contact story.choreo
WWW.MYLONAELENI(AT)HOTMAIL.COM              +41 767 872 400

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